Oklahomans Confirm Success Has No Ceiling

The 55 Over 55 list will be a collection of Oklahomans who do not believe the conventional wisdom of their best years are behind them.

They are leading the way and involved in projects that are improving the lifestyles for all Oklahomans

55 over 55 INSPIRING OKLAHOMAN Nominees

Honorees are those Oklahomans who are investing in the future growth of Oklahoma, shaping the future of their business communities, providing a more innovative and inclusive financial future for the talented entrepreneur community, and nonprofit organizations that are serving thousands of Oklahomans. 

This 55 Over 55 honoree list will be those successful people who are truly breaking the age and gender norms in their careers.

They call Oklahoma their home, and are dedicated to see their home state grow and prosper.

Oklahomans in every corner of the state are advancing or recreating their careers in order to reach higher more accomplished outcomes after turning 55 and how those choices are benefiting the State of Oklahoma.

First of all, let me share that to be nominated for this award is an honor in itself because it means every nominee is being admired for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the state of Oklahoma.

With your approval, those nominees not being selected in the final group of 55 during any given year, will have their nominations automatically re-submitted in the following year.

55 Over 55 will be selecting six notable equal equity judges who are representative of very successful Oklahomans. They will help determine the final list.